Stop Worrying About Your Second Home

With our comprehensive walkthrough we are able to keep a local set of eyes on your second home while you’re away. We are not a property management company, and do not want to rent your home out. However, we want your second home to be ready for the next time you come back, with no surprises upon your return.

These are just a couple issues that we can uncover, so you aren’t up in floors on your getaway!

Identified Problems

Preventing Major Disaster
By Finding Minor Damage,
One Visit At A Time!

  • They actually care about our home and handle it in an extremely professional manner
    Birmingham, AL
  • The communication has been top notch. Since we only get to visit a few times a year, the worries about our beach house have gone down so much!
    Nashville, TN
  • It’s been so nice having these guys check up on our home away from home.
    Atlanta, GA

Local Partners

We have great relationships and partner with several of the most prominent companies in the Santa Rosa Beach Area. From realtors, to licensed contractors, to recreation, Vay Cay Property Watch works with the best and ensures you and your property are taken care of.